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Choosing a Carp Rod – The Best Carp and Feeder Rods

The Best Carp Rods Choosing the best carp rod is vital when choosing the right one for the fishing situation that you've got. No one rod can do everything on every single water, so there a range of rods available, all at different test curves. That's the starting point when choosing a carp rod. We ...

Float Fishing for Carp – Beginners | A Dying Art

Float fishing for carp is almost becoming a dying art. Carp fishing is probably the most popular fish, I guess now in the British Isles and a whole industry, a whole tackle industry, and bait industry have all been drawn up into carp fishing on almost a cult basis. You need great big rods, at 1/2 ...

Method Feeder Fishing For Beginners – Carp Fishing

What Is Method Feeder Fishing? The method feeder is a simple device designed to make catching fish as easy as possible. It delivers a tiny little parcel of bait, which is presented well anywhere you can cast. It also has a lead built-in, giving it self hooking properties, so you can cast the ...

Deeper Pro Plus Review – Useful Tool Or Gimmick?

Best Portable Fish Finders For Carp Fishing Let me get straight to the point. I love the Deeper Pro Plus units and recommend it to every angler I talk to. You will see throughout this website that I mention using it on a regular basis. I use it as part of my process of approaching a new water, and ...

Carp Night Fishing Checklist – What Do You Need?

The Complete Carp Night Fishing Checklist Before We Start..... Before we going through the list of things you will need when you go carp fishing at night, let me start by saying that the link below contains the number one item you need for every session. Click the link. ...

50 of The Best Carp Fishing Tips For Beginners

Here is the best carp fishing tip for beginners aggregated from my experience of carp fishing and from other anglers I know. This list is very large so use the table of contents to the right to skip to the tips you find interesting, although each tip may have that little extra hint that you may ...

How to Learn Watercraft – Approaching a New Water

Carp fishing has come a long way in the last 10 years. When I started fishing, there were basic hooks in the tackle shop, sometimes I had to use sea fishing line as a hook link because that was the only type of line available to me that had a higher breaking strain. Internet shops were few and ...

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