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Tricks for Catching Carp on Single Hookbaits

The three biggest fish I have ever caught, have been caught with single hook baits. There have been occasions when I have put out large beds of bait, the odd big fish turns up. But most of the time for me, the big fish are caught when I am fishing single hook baits close in or casting a single ...

Winter Carp Tips – 5 Tips To Help Improve Your Rigs

Tip One - Steam Straighten Your Hook Link If you're using coated braid, nylon hook links or fluorocarbon hook links, to get the best out of the hook link, steam the hooklink straight. After I have tied my hooklink, I put the kettle on, make a cup of tea, and I'll position the hooklink over the ...

How to Fish Over Gravel – Carp Fishing Tips

Fishing on gravel can be very rewarding, but not many people know how to fish over gravel properly and effectively. In the majority of lakes, there are different types of lakebed, typically its a mixture of weed, gravel, silt, and clay. Each angler has their preference as to which type of ...

Summer Surface Floater Fishing Tips For Carp

When the sun is out, summer surface floater fishing comes into play. Floater fishing can be one of the most exciting forms of fishing but takes a bit of practice to get the hang of. By following these tips, you will not only catch more fish, you will be exposed to an adrenaline packed style ...

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