What is a carp fishing bite alarm?

A carp fishing bite alarm is a device that is used to detect when a carp has taken the bait and is hooked. The alarm will notify the angler so that they can take appropriate action, such as reeling in the fish or setting the hook. Bite alarms are an essential piece of equipment for any serious angler. They can save time and effort, while being notified as soon as a carp is hooked. Additionally, many bite alarms have a visual display to show when a fish has been hooked. This can be very helpful in ensuring that the angler does not miss out on any bites.

The Best Bite Alarms in 2023

The Delkim TXI is the best bite alarm available. Period.

Delkim has been the market leader when it comes to bite alarms for decades.

With their patented technology, the amount of control you have over the sensitivity is a mile ahead of their competitors.

I have been using Delkim alarms for over a decade now and they have never let me down.
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Delkim TXI-D Bite Alarms – Best In Class

Delkim is now being challenged by its competitors by adding new digital features, but are they at the point of now leaving Delkim behind due to them sticking to their old ways for too long?

There are two very clear divides when it comes to bite alarms. This article will help you figure out what suits you best.

Are you just starting out with carp fishing? If you are new, you will likely want to stick with the budget bite alarms, which is one side of buying bite alarms.

The other side to bite alarms is the more expensive and more sophisticated version, more useful when you are fishing for larger fish and need high sensitivity and drop-back alarms.

Best in Class


  • Accurate bite detection
  • Sensitivity, tone, and volume adjustments
  • LED lighting
  • Night lighting


  • Not budget friendly

Must-Have Accessories

Delkim Nitelite Illuminated Indication Set V2 – includes the NiteLite v.2 Illuminating Hanger, SlimCarb Carbon Stabiliser and C-Slot drag weights. This gets anglers geared up for a session in the low light or night fishing.

Delkim D-Lok Quick Release System – is a revolutionary patented dedicated quick release system that fits any Delkim bite alarm and allows instant attachment to any rod pod, bar or bank stick, without unscrewing.

Delkim Safe-D Carbon Snag Bars – help ensure that the rod does not exit the alarm in case of extreme grip. It is particularly useful when fishing by key or at right angle to the alarm.

TF Gear Mag Runner Ignite Carp Fishing Bite Alarm Set – Best Budget Set

The TFG Mag Runner alarms have been around now for a long time. They are very similar to other bite alarms in this price range and would be considered entry-level bite alarms.

They are very basic, but great if you are just starting out and looking for a set of 3 with a receiver.

There are pros and cons with this set, and I have owned a set of these so can speak from experience.

Best Budget Set

My biggest issue with these alarms was no volume control, the was very frustrating at times, especially because I like to be very private when I am fishing and have my volume turned to as low as possible.


  • Budget-friendly
  • One of the most simple alarms to operate
  • Compatible with receiver
  • Interchangeable roller colours with integrated light
  • Low cost for a full set of 3 alarms and a receiver


  • No sensitivity, or tone adjustment
  • Volume control by using a bung to muffle the noise
  • Not suitable for snag fishing
  • Lots of travel on the roller
  • Rollers can freeze in cold weather

New Direction Tackle Bluetooth Bite Alarm

The K9s have everything that a modern bite indicator should have. Its remote control mode allows users to set all of its settings conveniently from their receiver.

The K9s has a variety of visual features, such as the multi-color Halo Nightlight, which comes in five different colors. All of its bite indicators can be operated with the same colors. If the nightlight is too bright, users can switch it off permanently using the receiver.

The K9s come with a variety of features, such as the Snag Ear, which can be attached to the receiver. Its increased radio range is due to the combination of its own antenna and bank stick thread. This means that it can operate up to 120 meters.

The K9s is smart because it can connect to various Bluetooth devices, such as the Bivvy Light Pro, H9pro, Smartband B9, Air Light Sounder, and TH9s theft alarm. It can also interact with other accessories, such as the H10pro, Smartband B9, and TH9s theft alarm. For instance, it can switch on the bivvy light and the headlights automatically when it senses a bite.

The receiver is very different from other products as it guides users through its menu. It features a variety of features and functions, such as the ability to display five bite indicators and four TH9s anti-theft alarms.

Fox RX+ Micron & Receiver

The Fox RX + 3 Rod presentation set is made from high-quality materials, which will allow you to use it well regardless of what type of fishing you are doing.

The RX + can be programmed with a sensitivity control to reduce the possibility of false alarms being triggered by wind or water movement. In most sensitivity setups, continuous movement within a certain distance is required in order to trigger the alarm. This feature can help you keep yourself awake at night while fishing.

The improved clearance and drainage of the roller wheel will help prevent it from seizing up in cold weather. Its rubber grips will also allow you to use your rod while providing a secure yet gentle grip. The RX + features a fully sealed case that will keep your gear dry.

This set of rods from Fox includes a low-battery warning that will allow you to keep using it even if you have to. It also has several spare batteries that can be used for a longer life.

The new Fox NTX-R Rod presentation set features an upgraded version of the RX + 3. It comes with various features, such as its ability to switch between night and day modes. This will allow you to easily adjust the brightness of LEDs to meet different weather conditions.

Sonik Gizmo Bite Alarms inc Bivvy Light

If there was a tackle company that was going in the right direction, it would be Sonik. Over the years, the British firm has been able to produce a wide range of innovative products and has been able to establish itself as a leading player in the industry. Their range of products includes beds and chairs, rods and reels, brollies, and bivvies.

The company’s offerings have been known for their bite alarms, which have been well-received by both consumers and retailers.

The latest release of the line, which comes with a receiver, continues this theme. It features a lot of features and is also very affordable.

Sonik Gizmo Bite Alarm Features

The Sonik Gizmo 3+1 is a sleek and modern fishing alarm set that features a built-in speaker that can be used in stereo or to keep it silent while you’re fishing. It has six different brightness and delay settings that can be adjusted independently from the head. These settings are linked together through a sync port to provide additional light and sound.

The Sonik Gizmo 3+1 Fishing Bite alarm set is a great solution for those who love to fish. It features a hard case cover, anti-theft technology, and a receiver that can be torched.

Sonik’s Gizmo 3+1 fishing alarm set features an intelligent mute function that can be used to quickly and quietly adjust the indicators or line tightness. It comes with multiple VTS functions that can be controlled through click dials, making it easier to set up multiple alarms.

The Sonik Gizmo 3+1 Set includes three bite alarms and one receiver. Its bivvy light keeps them outdoors all night long. The mini package is ideal for the fisherman who wants to keep their gadgets close at all times. The set features an illuminated line roller and snag ear, which provides an instant indication of movement on your fishing line.

Should You Settle for Cheap Bite Alarms

The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Alarms

Keeping in mind that almost all bite alarms have these two basic functions, the big difference between cheap bite alarms and expensive bite alarms being able to control the tone, volume, and sensitivity of the alarm.

Expensive alarms will also have the option of using a receiver with the alarms which you can carry with you when you are away from your rods, such as sitting in your bivvy. I prefer to have my receiver vibrate, then my rods on silent so I get notified of a bite, but the alarms don’t make a loud sound, potentially scaring off the fish nearby.

Cheaper bite alarms use rollers and magnets to indicate a bite, which is less accurate, and less sensitive than the patented vibration system that Delkim uses in their alarms.

More expensive alarms will have more options for tweaking to suit your style of fishing, but typically, expensive alarms look much nicer than cheap alarms.

The latest alarms will allow you to connect your bite alarms to your mobile phone, allowing you to control them with an app.

A lot of the models will also allow you to change the colour of your alarm by changing the roller colour, so you can distinguish which alarm is bleeping from a distance prior to a run so you can keep an eye on it.

Delkim alarms are great for cold weather as they have no moving parts, whereas rollers have been known to freeze regularly during icy mornings which completely disables the bite alarm and renders them useless.

List of Bite Alarm Features

Night Lights – Useful When Night Fishing

The night light feature is a feature that keeps the LED lights on during the night time so you can see where your rods are. They are set to dim when the night lights are activated, then the LEDs get brighter to indicate that the line has been knocked.

Long Range Receivers – Useful When Fishing With Others

So I use a receiver in a different way from other anglers. What I do is give the receiver to whoever I am fishing with and I take their receiver. That way, if I get a bite, they will hear my receiver sound and are able to ask if I need help, rather than me having to shout across to get their attention.

Snag Ears – Useful When Snag Fishing, or Fishing In The Margins

Snag ears ensure your rods don’t get pulled into the water when your line is off to an angle. They attach to the bite alarms and some of them are detachable.

Mute Mode – Useful When Setting Your Bobbins

New Direction bite alarms have a feature that allows you to mute the alarms for 30 seconds, giving you enough time to set your bobbins.

Different Colour LED’s – Useful When Night Fishing or Using a Receiver

Some bite alarms are available in different colours to help distinguish which alarm has been activated. This is particularly useful when night fishing as many of the LEDs will light up the whole bivvy if it is close enough. Blue LEDs are particularly bright.

Bite Alarm Receiver – Useful When Fishing Large Swims

If you tend to fish lakes that have large swims, where you can set up your bivvy further away from the rods, having a receiver saves you from having to turn your bite alarm volume up to hear them from your bivvy.

Anti-theft Alarm – Useful When Fishing At Night

Delkims in particular has an anti-theft feature. When this is activated, if your bite alarms are turned off whilst your receiver is turned on and connected to them, your receiver will sound an alarm. This is useful if you are asleep and someone tries to switch off your alarms to steal them.

Smart Bivvy Light – Useful When Fishing At Night

New Direction sells a bivvy light that not only changes colour, and has various settings via an app on your phone but it can also be connected to your bite alarms so it turns on when you get a bite. So no more messing around trying to find your shoes when your alarm is screaming at you.

Which Are The Best Bite Alarms If Money You Have Money to Spend?

The best bite alarms don’t necessarily mean the most expensive when it comes to carp fishing. The best refers to the most suitable for you.

For example, if you need to cast really far, you wouldn’t choose short stalking rods to fish with. The same goes for bite alarms.

If you never leave your rods or you fish lakes with tiny swims, you won’t need a receiver.

But, keep in mind that if you buy alarms that have a decent amount of features, you will be able to use the same bite alarms for all circumstances. This will save you replacing them when you decide to do a bit of snag fishing for example.


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