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How To Use A Marker Float Rod And How To Spod Rod

Learning how to use a marker float rod and learning how to spod is a very important skill that will hugely improve your catch rate almost immediately. Whether you're out carp fishing, bream fishing, tench fishing, used correctly, these can get some noticeable results from your fishing. Before I ...

How to Fish With PVA – A Full Product Guide

Today we are going to talk you through some different styles and techniques of how to fish with PVA bags and other PVA products. How To Fish With PVA - Solid Bag Fishing The first thing we're going to look at is solid bags. The name kind of gives away the fact that it is a solid bag of PVA which ...

Don’t Forget A Weighing Sling

WHICH TYPE OF WEIGHING SLING IS BEST? A weighing sling is a vital piece of fishing equipment on the bank. Of course one of the main reasons you are fishing is for bragging rights for the size of fish you have caught, isn't it? Just kidding, the best way to weigh your fish is by using a weighing ...

Take Care With A Carp Care Kit When Fishing

Why Use a Carp Care Kit? Every angler needs to take carp care seriously, and there is no excuse for not having a carp care kit in your tackle bag such as this one by Gardner Tackle. Some carp care kits have two bottles in them, one for the mouth and one for the body. Other kits can be applied ...

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