Today, we’re reviewing some of the best budget bite alarms. These are great value for the money. There are a variety of features that these budget alarms have to offer.

There are many different types of bite alarms that people can choose from, and in all honesty, there are a lot of great options for those who are looking for a better value alarm. In this review, we’ll be talking about some of the best budget bite alarms that you can buy. When it comes to bite alarms, you’ll find that some sets can cost up to £1000. For this review, we will be considering bite alarms under £100 per alarm.

Review of the Best Budget Bite Alarms

The Best Budget Bite Alarm on the Market

Delkim Ev-D

  • Tried and Tested Vibration Sensing
  • Patented Digital Signal Processing
  • Enhanced Weather Protection
  • Compact Design
  • Day/Night LED Modes
  • 16 Digital Tone Settings
  • Mute Function
  • NiteLite Output Socket
  • Compatible with all Visual Indication Systems and Accessories
  • Twin Clear LEDs Available in 6 Colours
  • Moulded Hard Case
  • Optional 3 Year Warranty

Delkim EV D Description

For those who are looking to replace their tired and beaten bite alarms, the Delkim Ev-D is one of the best bite alarm for those on a budget. This entry-level model is part of the leading bite alarm brand's line of products.

The Delkim Ev-D is a well-designed and reliable bite alarm that comes with a user-friendly interface. Like its flagship model, the Txi-D, the Ev-D will also feature various impressive functions.

One of the most impressive features of the Ev-D is its ability to customize the settings. This allows users to set their alarm to work according to their preference. For instance, if you are an avid fisherman who tends to fish near other people, the Ev-D will be useful. Its vibration sensing technology will also help keep track of the smallest movement on your line.

We all have moments where we hear the alarm call and then realize that it's our neighbor's rod or that we don't know which one of our own requires attention. With the Ev-D's 16 digital tone settings, users can customize the alarm to identify which one of their own is activated. This feature can be useful if you have multiple alarms and one similar to a fellow fisherman.

The Ev-D comes in six different color options, which are ideal for those who are looking for a more versatile indicator system. These include red, yellow, blue, purple, and green. It's great for fishing all year round, as the light conditions can change, and the LED lights can guide you to your target.

The molded hard case that comes with the Delkim Ev-D will also help protect it from various types of accidental knocks.

The Ev-D is also reasonably priced, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking to add multiple alarms to their rod set ups. This is a common method for many people who are fishing with more than one rod. These alarms are compatible with all of Delkim's visual indication systems, such as the Safe-D and D-Lok.

It's time to replace your old alarms, as spring season is right around the corner. With the high-spec model from Delkim at a great price, it's now time to treat yourself.

Fox Micron MX 3 Rod Alarm Set

The Fox MicroMax is a great choice if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly bite alarm that you can rely on throughout the day. It comes in three-rod, four-rod, and single alarms, and it can be set up with a receiver and a receiver.

The alarms are made from a black casing and features a 4mm LED that’s visible in various colors. Its rear rubber touch button allows you to change the color of the LED, and this can be used to keep the set uniform or mix and match different colors.

They also come with various features such as a dual step sensitivity and an indexed tone adjustment. These features allow you to differentiate between the alarms that you’re using and those that are on the bank.

The I-COM transmitter built into the alarm is used to send and receive messages to and from the receiver. It also features a Tru-run roller wheel, which can be used to indicate any movement at the end of your rig.

The Fox MicroMax is a great choice if you’re getting into fishing for the first time. It’s also a great choice if you’re a budget-conscious user.

The various sets that come with the Fox MicroMax include three, four, and two-rod alarms, as well as an optional receiver. This allows you to set up a receiver later on.


  • 3x Bite Alarms
  • Operates with 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included)
  • Seven Volume and Tone Levels (including silent mode)
  • Six Sentivity Levels
  • Dedicated drop back LED indication
  • Dedicated drop back tone Ultra-bright LED
  • Low battery detection alert
  • 1x Receiver
  • Operates with 2 x AAA (not included)
  • Memory function 3 alarm mode options
  • Light + sound, light + sound + vibration, light + vibration
  • Dedicated LED for drop back indication

    Sonik SKX Waterproof Wireless Bite Alarm Set

    The 3+1 set includes a receiver and alarms that are powered by two AAA batteries. These will allow you to keep track of all of your fishing exploits, giving you an instantly recognisable and tailored message whenever you get a bite.

    The alarms come with seven tone and volume levels, and they can be silent, ideal for situations where you want to keep your action to a minimum. They also feature six sensitivity settings, which can be adjusted to suit the type of fish you're targeting and the conditions of the water. An ultra-bright LED light provides a dedicated drop back indication, allowing you to keep track of what's happening at the end of your line.

    These alarms feature an audible low battery warning, which will keep you from running out of power while you're out fishing.

    The receiver included with the 3+1 set also comes with a memory function, which will allow you to set up your alarms whenever you're fishing the same area.

    The Sonik SKX 3+1 receiver and alarms come with the same performance settings, including a silent alert, six sensitivity settings, and seven tone options. They are also equipped with a bivvy lamp, which runs on three AAA batteries and can be fully synchronized to the alarm's LED color. This state-of-the-art lamp ensures that you'll never miss a bite, even while you're sleeping.


    • 3x Bite Alarms
    • Operates with 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included)
    • Seven Volume and Tone Levels (including silent mode)
    • Six Sentivity Levels
    • Dedicated drop back LED indication
    • Dedicated drop back tone Ultra-bright LED
    • Low battery detection alert
    • 1x Receiver
    • Operates with 2 x AAA (not included)
    • Memory function 3 alarm mode options
    • Light + sound, light + sound + vibration, light + vibration
    • Dedicated LED for drop back indication

      Sonik Gizmo Alarm

      The Gizmo from Sonik is a small and perfectly formed bite alarm that offers top performance. It features a smooth line roller and illuminated snag ears for quick and easy movement detection.

      The Sonik Gizmo comes with an intelligent mute function that allows you to quickly and quietly adjust the alarm’s indicators or line tightness. It also features a variety of V.T.S. functions that are easy to set up and control using its click dials. Its fully protected electronics and a clip on hardcase cover provide long battery life.

      The Gizmo’s bite alarm sets come with a variety of features, such as its new bivvy light. These also feature a speaker, which can be used to alert you in stereo.

      The Gizmo’s six brightness and delay settings can be used independently or with its alarm heads synchronized. Each alarm has its own color channel that can be assigned so that you can easily recognize which one has been triggered. Its magnetic and hook attachment plate makes it easy to set up and use.


      • Twin illuminated snag ears and line roller
      • Colours available (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
      • 8 Sensitivity Levels
      • 8 Volume and Tone settings (including silent mode)
      • One-touch intelligent mute function
      • Silent start up
      • 2.5mm power out socket
      • Forward and backward drop-back indication
      • Night glow LED function
      • Silent Low battery warning
      • Up to 150m range

        Gardner ATTs Alarm

        The Gardner ATTs Alarm is a silent alarm that works with the V2 ATTx receiver. It does not have a speaker, and all of its audible indication comes from the receiver’s speaker, which will beep or vibrate whenever you are. The ATTs Alarm features a built-in wireless remote buzzer receiver.

        The Alarms features a soft touch non-reflective finish that provides total rod protection. It is compatible with the ATTx V2 receiver only. This means that it must be programmed into the receiver, which provides all the vibratory and audible indication. No knobs or buttons are included with this alarm.

        The Hard Case is an intelligent product that acts as an ON/OFF switch for your ATTs. It can be removed from the receiver to deactivate the battery. The design of this case is water-proof, and it eliminates the risk of electronics damage due to water penetration.

        The ATTs provides a high-end design that prevents lateral rod movement, and it also reduces the risk of getting pulled off the alarm due to vicious takes. Its unique bite detection system does not cause false alarms like those found in other roller wheel alarms. The ATTs alarm features a digital circuitry that is designed to provide total reliabilty and performance.

        The Low Battery Warning System provides the receiver with a beep to alert the user of a low battery state. The ATTs provides a two-year warranty, as is similar to the V2 ATTx System. Multi-colored user-changeable roller wheels are also available separately. The receiver will beep once per 1cm of line movement with the 2 magnet wheels.

        The receiver will beep once per 0.5cm of line movement with the 4 magnet wheel, and once per 0.33cm of line movement with the 6 magnet wheel. As standard, the ATTs features a Black 2 magnet wheel.

        The ATTs is incredibly lightweight and compact, and it features brass fittings that will not corrode. It comes with a free test battery, which is included with the receiver. The seven LED colors that are available in the ATTs alarm are Blue, White, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, and Yellow.


        • Revolutionary silent alarm
        • Built-in transmitters
        • Full wireless remote buzzer-receiver system
        • Rubberised finish
        • 100% watertight
        • High ‘ears’
        • Digital circuitry
        • Low battery warning
        • Multi-coloured user-changeable roller wheels
        • Ultra-compact and lightweight
        • Full 2-year Gardner ATT warranty

            Korum KBI-R 2 Rod Alarm Presentation Set

            Korum is a leading producer of high-quality fishing tackle that aims to provide the best possible experience for the pleasure fisherman. It does so by developing products that are easy to use and are good value for money.

            The Korum KBI-R 2 Rod Presentation Set includes a pair of remote alarms and a wireless bite detector receiver.

            The compact and rugged Korum KBI alarms are designed to provide a reliable and effective bite detection solution. They feature a 5-mm LED light and a sensitive roller wheel. The speaker of the alarm also has a built-in LED that can be used to provide a ten-second alert whenever it senses a bite.

            The alarm can be programmed to control the light depending on the environment and time of day. It can also be set to loud enough to keep the other fishing companions in mind. The receiver features a vibrating function that allows you to control the alarm from a distance.

            The Korum KBI-R 2 Rod Presentation Set is ideal for all types of specimen fishing. It features a long wireless range and an on/off switch. The alarm’s water-resistant speaker is also designed to protect it from getting damaged by fish in your net.

            Korum’s alarm comes with two purple bite indicators that allow you to see the movement of your line before the alarm begins to scream. The compression washer and locking nut are also included with the alarm.

            The alarm’s head is powered by a 9V battery, while the receiver has 3x AAA batteries. These bite detection tools from Korum are ideal for detecting sensitive bites.

            KEY FEATURES

            • Includes 2x bright purple bite indicators
            • Adjustable volume
            • Vibrating function on receiver
            • 5mm LED
            • Compact design
            • 10 second latching LED
            • Adjustable locking nut and compression washer
            • Water guarded speaker
            • High output speaker
            • Sensitive bite indication
            • Battery powered by a 9V battery (not included)
            • Receiver powered by 3x AAA batteries (not included)
            Korum KBI-R 2 Rod Presentation Set

            Fox Mini Micron X Fishing Bite Alarm Set

            The Mini-Micron X Fishing Presentation Set from Fox is an updated take on the classic mini-micron bite alarm. It features a receiver and cases for both three and two-rod fishing rods.

            They feature an alarm head that’s loud enough to be heard from the water. It also comes with a receiver and a volume control.

            The Mini-Micron X Set from Fox is a great choice for any angler. It comes with four alarm heads that feature LED lights that can be changed to different high-vis colors. It also has low battery warnings and drop back indicator.

            KEY FEATURES

            • Includes receiver technology
            • Volume control button with seven levels
            • Tone control button with four settings
            • Sensitivity control button with four different settings
            • Drop back differential
            • Two 5mm high vis multi-coloured LEDs, green, blue, red and orange
            • Adjustable LED brightness
            • LEDs adjusted by holding down volume button and pressing tone button
            • D-Tec sensing system/roller wheel technology
            • Clear, consistent bite detection
              fox MX Bite alarms

              Prologic R2L Bite Alarm Presentation Set 3+1

              The Prologic R2L Presentation Kit includes a receiver and bite alarm. It features a 9v battery and comes with complete bankside performance.

              The Bite alarm features an infra-red movement detection and a solid, low-profile roller. It also comes with 10 stage sensitivity, tone, and volume settings, as well as adjustable snag bars.

              It is fully waterproof and comes with a protective cover. It also features a power saving function that can extend its battery life.

              The receiver features a variety of features, such as a drop back indication, a silent and vibration mode, and a courtesy night light.

              If you’re looking for a complete package that includes a bite alarm and receiver, then the Prologic R2L is a good choice. It comes with a variety of sensitivity settings that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

              The wide range of settings makes the Prologic Bite alarm highly responsive, which can help minimize the number of bites that you missed during your session.

              KEY FEATURES

              • Bite Alarm
              • Infra-red movement sensor
              • Solid low-diameter roller
              • 10x stage volume including silent mode
              • 10x stage tone
              • 10x stage sensitivity
              • Integrated adjustable snag bars
              • Night light
              • Ultra-bright LED
              • Dedicated drop-back indication
              • Powered by 1 x 9V battery
              • Power saving system

                Prologic Limited Edition Custom SMX MKII Bite Alarm

                The SMX range is known for its elegant styling and great practicality. The new Custom SMX MkII is a compact and highly waterproof model that features an upgraded receiver and transmitter. This version also comes with black anodised speaker and extended snag ears.

                The SMX MkII features a white magnetic roller wheel that features dual colour co-ordinated night light and under-lit LED lights. New LED lights are also included in the extended snag ears, which give anglers more options when it comes to covering or removing their device.

                KEY FEATURES

                • Available in 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 kits
                • Operates with 2 AAA 1.5V batteries (Not Included)
                • 5 Volume settings and a silent mode
                • 4 Sensitivity settings
                • 7 Tone settings
                • 100% waterproof
                • White PTFE roller
                • Dedicated drop back LED
                • Dedicated drop back tone
                • Extending illuminated snag ears RECEIVER
                • Operates with 2 AAA 1.5V batteries (Not Included)
                • Last bite/Memory function

                Bite Alarm Features

                Most bite alarms on the market today feature some mainstream features. However, manufacturers add various features to their products in order to differentiate themselves from others.

                Different Tones and Sound

                A bite alarm’s tone or sound can vary depending on the model. Most of the time, the settings for the alarm are set on a variety of tones. Basic models come with a few options, while higher-end models have up to seven tones. Having the right sound or tone can help determine which rod has the most activity when using it in certain situations.

                Having different alarms for different situations can be useful. For instance, in some areas, you’re only allowed to fish with one rod. Having multiple alarms can help keep an eye on the fish while you’re fishing with multiple people.

                Volume Control Settings

                In certain situations, such as when you’re fishing near other people or when you’re far away from your rod, having the volume control can be very important. It can be turned down to prevent it from disturbing the other players. Usually, I set my alarm to a maximum volume so I can hear them while I’m scouting or baiting.

                Sensitivity Adjustments

                Most bite alarms come with a sensitivity adjustment, which can be adjusted to reduce the sensitivity when windy conditions occur. This can help save the sanity of the other players and prevent false indications. There’s nothing worse than hearing an alarm that’s constantly bleeping due to wind movement. In most cases, alarms with wheels and magnets require a magnet to pass through the sensor in order to activate.

                LEDs Light Indicators and LED Colours

                One of the most important features of a good bite alarm is having two light indicators. For instance, my Prologic SMX has a blue light for when the line is played out, and a white light for when it drops back. Most of these models use LED lights for energy efficiency.

                Different Types of Batteries

                For most people, choosing the right battery for their bite alarms will not matter. For me, I prefer alarms that come with 9V, triple AAA, or double AA batteries, which are easy to access.

                Rechargeable Batteries

                Some newer models also feature rechargeable batteries. These are great if you have a backup power bank, as they can be charged whenever they’re low. Having a low battery notification can be very important if you’re not sure if the fish is still on your line.


                What is a bite alarm?

                Bite alarms are devices that emit a loud signal or noise when a fish bites. They are useful for fishermen to know when they have a bite so they can quickly catch their prey. These can be mechanical or electronic, and they are often used in combination with other fishing equipment.

                What is a fishing bobbin?

                A fishing bobbin is a small device that’s made of either metal or plastic. It can be placed above the carp reel, and it’s used to keep the line from getting tangled.

                Do you need a bite alarm for carp fishing?

                Although bite alarms are not recommended for fishing for large fish such as the Asian carp, they can still be useful for detecting bites. For instance, if you’re fishing at night, using an isotope on your line can help you identify bites.

                Are fishing alarms waterproof?

                Although most bite alarms are waterproof, it’s still important to check the specifications of the device before you buy one.

                How do you set a bite alarm?

                Most bite alarms come with adjustable settings, which allow you to set the sensitivity of the device according to your preference. To set the alarm, start by turning it off and gradually increasing its pressure until you get a false positive.

                How do you know if a fish is biting?

                When a fish bites, it can cause the line to move, which triggers the bait alarm. This can be caused by the type of line that you’re using, or it can be caused by a sudden jerk. If you feel a pull or a sudden jerk, it’s likely that the fish has taken the bait.

                What are the different types of bite alarms?

                There are various types of bite alarms on the market, and they can be either electronic or mechanical. Some also have a light that goes off, while others produce a loud noise. Some bait alarms come with adjustable settings, so they can be set to the sensitivity that you prefer.


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