My Korum tackle bag has been around for a long time and is still regarded as an essential carryall. While more people are turning to pouches and zip-up EVA storage cases for their tackle boxes, I still think the tackle bag with a smaller box inside is the best choice.

Finding the best fishing tackle box that suits my style of fishing is very important to me as it allows me to keep my gear organized. I love being able to quickly find everything I need when I’m out and about.

I’ve owned most of the tackle boxes below and talk you through the features, pros, and cons.

The prices are forever changing, so I’ve included some Amazon links where possible so you can easily check the price of the tackle boxes you like. Amazon deliver most items next day, which is much quicker than the tackle companies.

Fishing Tackle Box – Things to Consider

When it comes to choosing a tackle box, I look for features that are big enough and stable enough to keep all of my gear inside. I also want to customize the sections to organize my gear.

Although these are the main considerations when it comes to choosing a new box, it can be hard to choose just one that fits all of your needs. This article will help you navigate through the various features of the best tackle boxes and find the one that fits your needs.

A fishing tackle box is a type of storage solution that can be used by an individual to store various types of terminal tackle, such as hooks, hooklinks, and lead weights. Compared to the average storage box, a tackle box is usually specifically made to hold these types of tools.

A good tackle box can help you keep all of your gear organized and allow you to spend more time fishing. It can also keep multiple small sections inside it so that you can easily access the items that you need.

Some of these include small boxes that are ideal for storing smaller items, tackle stations that are designed to house a large amount of tackle, and saltwater-resistant boxes. There are also various types of tackle boxes that feature slot-in compartments.

The well-known tackle companies only use the highest-quality materials when it comes to making tackle boxes. They are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual, and these are built with the same features that are used by some of the world’s best tackle producers. Some of these include Fox, Guru, Korda, and Nash. These companies have been known to produce large tackle boxes that are capable of accommodating a large amount of fishing equipment.

Don’t be suckered in to buying the Chinese rubbish on eBay.

Best Tackle for Carp Fishing
It is really easy to end up with a messy tackle box, or lose fishing tackle if your tackle box isn’t big enough to suit your needs

Top Fishing Tackle Boxes in 2022

  1. Korda Tackle Box Bundle
  2. Nash TTBox Logic Rig Station
  3. Fox F-Box Deluxe Set – Medium Single
  4. Korda Tacklesafe
  5. RidgeMonkey Armoury Carp Tackle Box
  6. Matrix Double Sided Feeder & Tackle Box
  7. Korda Basix Tackle Box
  8. Fox Deluxe Medium Double F-Box
  9. Fox Royale Deluxe System
  10. Trakker NXG Carp Fishing Tackle And PVA Storage Pouch

1. Korda Tackle Box Bundle

Best All-rounder Tackle Box that will last a life-time

The Korda tackle box is designed to provide an extensive storage solution for all of your tackle. It features a built-in storage system that allows you to have the most amount of kit. This kit will last you are lifetime and is of the highest quality of the market.

The Korda tackle box is a great alternative for those who need to carry more end tackle when traveling or fishing for longer periods. It can also be used for covering different fishing situations.

The Korda tackle box is made to keep you organized and provides an extensive storage solution for all of your tackle. It features a built-in storage system that allows you to have the most amount of kit. The box can accommodate various types of end tackle, such as the Leader-Safe, Mini-Boxes, and Kamakura hook boxes.

Korda’s Compac 220 bag is designed to fit the company’s tackle box. It features a built-in storage system and allows you to have all of your gear organized.


  • 29x compartments of assorted size
  • Secure storage of small end tackle items
  • Magnetic rig board stores up to ten pre-tied rigs
  • Designed to accommodate the following
  • Korda Leader-Safe, Mini-Boxes, square spools and Kamakura hook boxes
  • Supplied with three small and two large moveable dividers
  • Adjust the size/layout of the main compartments
  • The perfect all-round tackle storage system

2. Nash TTBox Logic Rig Station

Best for Longer Fishing Sessions

This tackle box is larger than the others, but much more conveniant for longer sessions. It is pricier than the others, but the benefits far outweight the cost. It’s not ideal for sessions where you want to move around the lake like I do, otherwise this would be at the number one spot in this list.

The box features a large capacity and a double depth to accommodate larger items. It can also be customized to fit different sizes of fishing equipment.

The box also comes with a handy rig testing tank that can be used for presentation adjustments. It can also be used for storing pre-tied sticks or PVA bags.

The box is supplied with eight small and four large dividers. It can also be folded flat to create a convenient storage area underneath the box. A mesh tray beneath the box holds various accessories such as the receiver and rig box.

The box features a deep lip worktop that can be used to prevent the spill of tackle. It also has a convenient storage draw with integral rig board retaining loops.


  • Large capacity tackle box with a double depth of 10cm to accommodate larger items
  • Variable partitioning to customize storage space to suit your tackle
  • Includes clear, clip on Rig Testing Tank for presentation adjustments or dry storage of pre-tied cobweb PVA bags or sticks
  • Supplied with four large and eight small dividers
  • Fold flat spring-loaded adjustable legs with mud feet
  • Handy mesh storage tray beneath the box for rig box, receiver and other accessories remains in place when the legs are folded
  • Deep lip worktop to prevent tackle spill
  • Metric and imperial calibration for accurate rig construction
  • Storage draw with integral rig board
  • Rig retaining loops

3. Fox F-Box Deluxe Set – Medium Single

The Double F-Box is a unique design that allows you to store and transport various components easily. Its high impact construction and hard wearing design make it ideal for carrying and storing various items. Its long-lasting injection molded construction also provides a secure and resilient environment.

The large and small compartments of the Fox Double Medium Box can be adjusted using the supplied sub-dividers. The large compartment is equipped with a deep partition that measures 8 by 8 inches. The small compartment is equipped with a deep partition that measures 3 by 3 inches.


  • Unique double sided design
  • Easy access to tackle components
  • High impact, injection moulded construction
  • Waterproof sealed lid
  • Long last hinges
  • Reliable slide lock closure
  • Adjustable compartments

4. Korda Tackle Safe Fishing Box

The new addition to the Korda line of terminal tackle and rig storage products is the TackleSafe. It’s designed to sit alongside the ChodSafe and RigSafe products.

The compact end-tackle storage system features a hard shell case and a non-slip outer coating. It also comes with a ruler and a soft-touch outer surface. One side of the case features an open compartment that can be used to store various items, such as Pulla Rig Toolz and spools of hook link material.

The other half of the case features eight compartments that are accessed through a flip top lid. These compartments are ideal for various items, such as Fake Foods, Hybrid Lead Clips, and heli-safe beads. The other side of the case features two larger compartments that are equipped with lids. These are used to store baiting needles and packets of hooks.

The other half of the case features smaller, lidded compartments that are ideal for storing smaller items, such as Kickers and shrink tubing.


  • Features 29 storage compartments
  • Assorted compartment sizes
  • Designed for all your tackle essentials
  • Strong and compact design
  • Perfect for the mobile angler who likes to travel light
  • The perfect tackle storage system
  • Measurements: 24cm x 13cm x 4cm

5. RidgeMonkey Armoury Carp Tackle Box

One of the most important factors that a good angler should consider when it comes to being well organized is having a well-stocked tackle box. This can be a huge help in keeping all of his equipment organized.

The RidgeMonkey Armoury tackle box is the only all-in-one box that you can use to store all your end tackle. It features 29 large compartments and three separate rig boards for added storage. Its spacious design also allows it to be easily transported.

The RidgeMonkey Armoury box is a great solution for anyone who wants to protect and store their valuable equipment.


  • Robust ABS & polypropylene construction
  • The only all-in-one tackle box on the market
  • Magnetic lid and hinged double tier design
  • 29x compartments all with secure lids
  • Three separate rig boards
  • Integral measuring ruler
  • 45x single and 30x double rig pins included
  • Protected registered design

6. Matrix Double Sided Feeder & Tackle Box

The double-sided tackle box is made from plastic and features a secure and functional design that can hold water feeders in place. It can be used with either natural or commercial water feeders. It also features a convenient storage area for accessories and method moulds. The reinforced design of the box prevents it from getting damaged even when fully loaded.


  • Perfect for keeping your tackle organised
  • Ideal for storing items like:
  • feeders, floats, spools of line or accessories
  • Removable internal dividers so compartments can be customised
  • Moulded from extremely durable PP plastic
  • Translucent dark grey finish
  • Allows visibility of items stored inside but protects from UV light

7. Korda Basix Tackle Box

The Korda Basix Fishing tackle box is designed to make it easy for experienced and novice fishermen to keep their smaller fishing equipment organized. This box features plenty of space for storing various items, such as lead clips, hook link spools, and other accessories. No more searching through your fishing bags or luggage for the necessary accessories if these items are neatly organized into this box.

The Korda Basix Fishing tackle box is made from high-quality plastic, which is shockproof and impact-resistant. Its translucid lid allows you to easily check the contents of the box without opening it. It also features a ruler that can be used to measure your fishing rig. The box is fastened using two separate latch closures, which ensures that it won’t come open during transport.

The Korda Basix Fishing box has 21 small secured compartments that are ideal for storing various items, like lead clips and swivels. It will keep your fishing equipment organized no matter where you go. The main compartment of the box features two large sections that are ideal for holding various accessories.


  • Plenty of storage space for all your rig bits
  • Made from shockproof, high impact plastic
  • With a translucent lid 
  • The lid features a ruler to measure your rigs
  • 21 small latched compartments of various sizes
  • Perfect for storing items such as lead clips and swivels
  • 2 large compartments, with fixed dividers
  • Perfect for rig tools, hook link spools
  • Removeable rig tray
  • Complete with pins
  • Can store up to 8 pre-tied rigs

8. Fox Deluxe Medium Double F-Box

I mentioned the F Box earlier on in the article, but I highly recommend this if you have more space, or need to carry more end tackle. This is a double sided box. It is also available in larger and smaller sizes.

The Medium Double F-Box features a unique double-sided design that allows it to store more components and has easy access to them.

The durable injection molded construction of this box makes it incredibly hard to wear. It features long-lasting hinges and a variety of hard and waterproof seals. Its compartments can be adjusted in size using the supplied sub-dividers.

  • Deep partition Large x 4

  • Deep partition Medium x 3

  • Deep partition Small x 3

  • Shallow partition Large x 4

  • Shallow partition Small x4

9. Fox Royale Deluxe System

The Royale System is a great storage solution for your tackle boxes and other equipment. It comes in two sizes and is ideal for those who want a high-quality product at a great price.

The Royale System features removable dividers that can be used to change the size of the compartments. It can be used for storing various accessories such as your tackle boxes and spools. Medium-sized compartments are included.

The Royale System comes in various sizes. There are 8 compartment boxes, 2 compartment boxes, 4 compartment boxes, and a flip top 4 compartment box.

10. Trakker NXG Carp Fishing Tackle And PVA Storage Pouch

NXG offers a wide range of luggage solutions that are designed to protect and transport various items. Its products are made from durable materials that are ideal for all types of situations. Its flexible storage area and built-in carry handle are ideal for storing PVA or small terminal items.


  • Pouch to store PVA or small terminal items
  • Foil-backed storage area
  • Ten internal pockets
  • Neoprene carry handle
  • Waterproof Nyplax base

What do you put in a carp tackle box?

Most of the fishing tackle items that most people use when they go fishing for carp are listed below.

Hooklink materials for each type of lake bed you might be fishing, as well as different levels of stiffness.

A pair of scissors is a must-have as they can be used for cutting or trimming lines.

A disgorger is a type of tool that can be used to retrieve the hook from a fish’s mouth. You can slide the disgorger down until it reaches the end of the line, and you can easily pull it out with ease. Forceps are also a must have.

If you are planning on using a ledger technique for fishing, then you will need a few fishing tackle items. These include a selection of ledger weights that are ranging from 1/2 oz to 3.5 oz.

A hair rig is a type of fishing apparatus that has various sizes of hooks and hairs. These are usually used with boilies. A hair rig is attached to a line using a hair needle. Other types of bait can also be attached to it. As well as different styles of hooks for each type of rig you will be tying.

Shrink tubing, swivels, rig pullers rig putty, bait floss, and hair stoppers will also help you with rig tying.

A hair needle is a type of tool that can be used to thread a boilie or bait onto a hair rig. A selection of sizes ranging from 14 to 4 are also ideal for this type of fishing.

A shot is a selection of different sized shots that are commonly used for ledgering. These are used to prevent the tackle from moving too far up the line.

If you are planning on using a surface feeding technique or float fishing technique, then you will need a few more fishing tackle items.

These include a selection of floats that are ideal for different types of fishing techniques. You can also choose from surface feeders, wagglers bubble floats, and float fishing floats.

Carp Tackle Box fully Loaded

If you’re planning on getting into the world of carp fishing and are confused at what to put in your carp tackle box, then the Fox AD Royale Large Loaded Box is the perfect tool for you. It features everything you need to get started.

This is a great purchase for anyone who’s new to the sport of carp fishing.

The starter set includes;

  • Large Royale Tackle Box
  • Arma Point Curve Shank Size 6 Hooks
  • Arma Point Wide Gape Beaked Size 8 Hooks
  • 20lb Coretex Matt Gravelly Brown 20m
  • Standard Boilie Stops Clear
  • Kwik Change Pop-Up Weights BB
  • 2.25oz Flat Pear Swivel Leads x3
  • 3oz Exocet Leads x3
  • 30lb Submerge Leaders with Kwik Change Kit Gravelly Brown
  • Lead Clip Tubing Rigs with Kwik Change Kit Trans Khaki
  • Zig Aligna Fluoro Kit Fluoro Pink, Yellow and Orange

The Fox starter set also comes with a variety of tackle pieces that are ideal for fishing for different types of carp. These items will allow you to get started and improve your catch rate. The durable and quality of the pieces will allow you to create fishing setups that are ideal for different types of fish.

The Fox AD Royale Large Loaded Box is also equipped with all the necessary equipment for fishing for large fish. It includes all the necessary accessories to get started.

For an extensive list of carp fishing equipment, check out the article below. It is one of the biggest carp fishing equipment list articles on the internet.


I have made a lot of mistakes during my fishing sessions and don’t want you to make the same mistakes. I’ve learned the hard way over 20 years of fishing most weekends, testing, tweaking, and testing again and now want to help you excel with your carp fishing.

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