Why Have A Hooklink Book or Rig Boxes

Why Have A Hooklink Book or Rig Boxes

Hooklink books and Rig Boxes are a really good way to save a lot of money on end tackle.

How many times have you put your rigs in your tackle box, then they get bent or cut by your other tackle, or twisted and tangled because they are too long?

You then have to tie a whole new rig which costs time and money.

Hooklink books and Rig Boxes are a safe place to put your rigs to keep them secure, no matter their size.

This is a really handy item to have; they are cheap and allow you to store your rigs in a safe place – whilst saving you from getting hooked by the rig you left in the bottom of your bag “to keep it safe”.

I have two of these because I like having plenty of ready-tied rigs available as soon as I get to the bank.

Rather than having to spend time tying rigs and wasting time on the bank, I normally have the rig that I need ready in my hooklink book, ready to be tied on to my line.

How To Use A Hooklink Book

Hooklink books are typically rectangular and open like a book. They have a zip on the outside, and when unzipped, you will find foam padding on the inside to keep your rigs safe and secure.

There will be thumb pins in the hooklink book and these are used to keep the hooklink straight and tight.

If you have longer rigs, use more than one pin to keep the rig tight in the book.

Then once the rigs are pinned in the book, just zip the book up and they will be ready for your next fishing session.

How To Use A Rig Box

Rig Boxes are very similar to hooklink books, but are typically rigid and have clips as opposed to zips to keep your rigs safe.

Although they can be a little more expensive.

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