The next “not required” item on the list is not a must-have item, but is definitely worth its weight in gold. I have a real big tendency to wander into the next swim and talk to my mate – without a bite alarm, I would be in big trouble. You could be waiting for hours and sometimes days for a bite, the bite alarm will allow you to do other things whilst you are waiting. Now, I don’t mean bugger off to the café for a bacon sarnie, but it will allow you to tie some rigs or mix a ground bait up for example. Definitely a good buy.

Cheap Bite Alarms – My Beginner Bite Alarms

Fox Warrior Bite Alarms

You can pick these up for a tenner at Argos, but if you can afford to spare a few more quid, get some Fox warriors – don’t forget to buy batteries and some spare batteries at the same time. They are one of the only decent low-end bite alarms, mine were £25 each. The downside is that they don’t have a tone adjuster and other people at the lake are likely to have the same ones. There have been a few times when someone else’s alarm has gone off and I thought it was mine. The other downside to the fox warrior alarm is that I sit to the right of my rods as I lift the rod with my left hand/arm, but the LED on the alarm is on the left and the rod covers it from where I sit, so I have to get up and peer around to see which one has gone off when I get a liner/bleep. Probably just me sitting in a silly spot in the first place, but they would definitely be better if they had an LED on the right-hand side too. Chance’s are though this won’t ever be a problem for you so take that with a pinch of salt.

The Best Bite Alarms – The Alarms I Now Own

Delkim TXI Bite Alarms and Receiver RX