Carp Fishing Reels – The Good and The “Don’t Bother”

Carp Fishing Reels – The Good and The “Don’t Bother”

My first reels are Shimano 10000RA baitrunner reels – they have proved to be an excellent starter fishing reel and the action of the reel is pretty smooth. The baitrunner clutch is at the back, some people say its better at the front due to it being directly connected, but I personally don’t want my fingers anywhere near that line when the fish is charging off – especially if I have braid on the reel.

They are also a decent size – the budget reel I got from my starter kit would probably suit a four year old more, I would have been laughed at to say the least.

These reels have a double handle which isn’t as long as the big pit reels, therefore you may have to wind the handle a few more times compared to the big pit reels, but I like to ease my fish in so this suits me fine for UK waters.

Different Fishing Reel Types

The main two types of reels you will come across for fishing is a bait runner reel and a fixed spool reel.

The bait runner is the easiest to use as the bait runner can be set to run as a fish takes the bait and automatically engages when you start reeling. The fixed spool reel will require constant minor adjustments to the clutch, or pressure applied by a finger to make the adjustments manually. But ultimately both will take some getting used to.

If your budget can stretch to it, go for the 10000 series, my step father also bought these and they are very nice indeed!

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