These are to hold your bait on the hair, they thread through a loop on the end of the hair. They are little pieces of plastic and can be really fiddly – you may also opt to use a piece of stiff grass, but the boilie stoppers are more durable and dirt cheap. Ill show you the easiest way to thread these on later… some people cut one off then struggle for ten minutes to thread it through… don’t do this, it’s a waste of time, there’s a better way.

Don’t break one off at a time and then struggle with it, break a whole line off, feed one through the loop, tighten the boilie against it, then break the others off and put them in your tackle box.

They also come in different colours, shapes and sizes to suit the colour of your bait. Do I think it makes a difference what colour they are? No…… they are pretty flipping small and virtually unnoticeable, some may disagree.



I have made a lot of mistakes during my fishing sessions and don’t want you to make the same mistakes. I’ve learned the hard way over 20 years of fishing most weekends, testing, tweaking, and testing again and now want to help you excel with your carp fishing.

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