Which are the Best Landing Nets for Carp Fishing?

There are many varieties of landing nets available, and since you must have one to be able to fish, which is the best landing net?

Each net have their own uses, but typically when it comes to carp fishing, you will be looking at nets that are the three following sizes:

  1. 36-inch
  2. 42-inch
  3. 50-inch


36-inch Carp Fishing Net

The 36-inch fishing net is quite versatile and can be used for most fish up to 10lbs.

They are used for general fishing on small lakes or when float fishing for smaller species of fish.

The Wychwood Signature Net is highly recommended as mine has lasted a long time and is deep, allowing me to let the fish rest in the net safely. I’ve found the cheapest price on Amazon here.

42-inch Carp Fishing Net

The 42-inch net is required for most specimen lakes as a minimum size.

Be sure to check the rules before you start fishing if you don’t already have a 42-inch net.

You simply will not get better than the Trakker Carbon Landing net, also available on Amazon.

Trakker 42" Carbon Net

Trakker 42″ Carbon Net with Carbon Fibre Handle and Float

50-inch Carp and Catfish Net

50-inch nets are necessary when there is a possibility of catching catfish due to their length and being able to fit their long tails into the net.

My Fox Warrior S Net is the best 50-inch net that I have seen on the market and the best I’ve seen on the bank.

I have had a few different 50-inch nets because I bought cheap nets, but if I had just bought the Warrior S, it would have been the only one I needed.

Cheap nets can be dangerous when it comes to carp, due to the sizes of the netting. The carp fins are very stiff, but easily broken if they get caught in the net.

Fishing Net Floats

Fishing Net Floats are very useful when you have the rod in one hand while trying to reel with the other. The float gets the net where it needs to be.

Landing nets are one of the main pieces of equipment when it comes to an anglers tackle, so investing in a good one from the beginning is advisable.

When choosing a net, you must pick a net that it suited to the species that you fish for. You need to consider the size of the net first and foremost. Secondly, you need to consider the mesh size, then the strength of the material.

Carp Fishing Landing Nets

Carp fishing nets have an extra component compared to the small fishing nets, called a spreader block. The spreader block holds the arms of the net under tension whilst it is being used.

The net is attached to the arms and is usually a triangle shape.

It’s the triangle shape that makes the net strong. Although, they can sometimes be stiff and tricky to put into the spreader block.

Traditional carp fishing landing nets can be bought in 36-inch, 42-inch, and 50-inch.

The 36-inch net should be used for fish up to 10lb. The 42-inch net is for specimen carp. The 50-inch net is for big carp and catfish or pike.

The nets break down and roll up into a small package, which can then be put into your rod bag.

Although, be sure to let it air and dry out as soon as you get it home.

Carp Fishing Landing Nets

42-inch carp fishing landing net and landing net float – ready and waiting

Rubber Fishing Nets

Rubber fishing nets are new to the market and are designed for larger predatorial fish. Not only are they more fish-friendly, they don’t absorb water either, so won’t bad smell like the traditional nets.

To dry them, all you have to do is give them a good shake to get rid of the moisture and they are dry.

If you enjoy lure fishing, these nets are ideal as they offer great fish care.

Most of the nets have a slide and click system so are easy to use.

Although, most of them aren’t very big, so can’t be used for specimen carp or catfish fishing.

Landing Net Handles

There is a range of landing net handles, but one feature you will probably want is either an extending handle or one that breaks down into smaller pieces. Not only does it help get your gear in the car, you can put your net and handle in your main rod bag and then there is no chance of forgetting it when you head off for a session.

Most of the best landing net handles these days are made of fiberglass as it is strong and light. Having a lightweight landing net handle really helps when you have your rod in one arm and the net in the other. The landing net can start to feel very heavy after fighting with a big carp.

The one I use extends to 6ft and is 2ft when not extended, making it really compact and because it extends easily, I can have the net retracted and out of the way in the swim, and then when I hook a fish, I can just tilt the landing net towards the lake and the handle slides out to 6ft.

I have had many landing net handles broken because they have been stepped on which then cracks the glass fiber and renders the handle useless.

Only landing net handles screw together, which is fine because they are more sturdy than the telescopic landing net handles, but you the handle is at more risk of being in the way when fishing.

Net Floats

Net floats are a must-have item for me, they make it a lot easier to have the net ready and waiting in the water to scoop up the fish, as opposed to trying to stop the net disappearing into the water whilst you are trying to concentrate on getting the fish in.

Replacement Arms

If you do have the misfortune of breaking one or both of your fishing net arms, it is possible to buy replacements, but make sure you buy the same size so that you get a snug fit into the spreader blocks.

They also come with the string, so you just thread the old net onto the arms and carry on as normal.

Metal Spreader Blocks

When you are looking to start spending more money on your tackle and you are looking for higher-end products, the best landing nets have metal spreader blocks rather than plastic, which not only last longer, they are easier to set up at usually the arms fold out to create the tension. They are also much easier to break down.

Landing Net Stink Bag

Another accessory available for the landing net is the landing net stink bag.

There is nothing worse than the thought of having to put a wet net into your expensive car. It almost discourages you to catch a fish while you are packing up.

But the stink bag saves this hassle.

The stink bag is effectively a plastic/material bag that you slide your net into to stop the moisture and the smell ruining your car (and your marriage when you take the net home).

Do’s and Dont’s of Landing Nets

  • Always have the net set up and ready to go before the rigs are in the water.
  • Don’t lift the fish out of the water by the landing net handle.
  • Use the handle to reach the fish with the net, then once the fish is in the net, break the net down and roll the net up so the fish is secure when out of the water.
  • Make sure the fish’s fins are flat back to its body before lifting the fish out of the water.
  • Don’t leave your net unattended whilst the fish is in the net, in the water.





I have made a lot of mistakes during my fishing sessions and don’t want you to make the same mistakes. I’ve learned the hard way over 20 years of fishing most weekends, testing, tweaking, and testing again and now want to help you excel with your carp fishing.

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