What’s the Best Bedchair on the Market?

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    We’ve selected some of the best bedchairs for fishing from various brands to give you the best possible choice. Some of these compact models are great for transporting, while others offer wider beds and better sleep systems.

    The term bedchair refers to the first beds that were designed for fishing, which were also doubled as a chair. Nowadays, the dedicated beds and sleeping systems that are commonly used for fishing have become a more common feature.

    There are a variety of brands that are known to produce these types of beds and sleep systems, and with the increasing popularity of overnight and night fishing, we have rounded up some of the best bedchairs and sleep systems for you.

    Waking up with a bad back during a fishing session due to having the wrong bedchair can ruin the rest of the trip. So choose wisely and make sure the bed chair you buy is of high quality.

    Getting the best bedchair for your fishing needs shouldn’t be difficult, especially with the variety of options available nowadays. It should make you feel comfortable, but should also be light enough to carry.

    Having a top-end bedchair will help you get the best possible sleep, as it will provide you with the necessary respite from the elements while you’re on the bank. Not everyone can complain about getting woken up by their bite alarms, but having a few hours of sleep can be very comfortable. Are you going to risk having anything other than the best bedchair for your fishing session?

    I would recommend a bedchair that’s compact and features a sleep system. It’s also light enough to carry.

    The Best Bedchairs on the Market in 2023

    1. Fox R-Series Camo Sleep System

    best bedchair

    The Fox R-Series Sleep System is the best bedchair on the market (click here to see the latest price on Amazon). The bedchair is made from sturdy materials and features a double-hinge structure, which provides a secure and compact sleeping area. Its six adjustable legs allow you to set up your bivvy at a level that’s comfortable for you while you’re sleeping. Also, the side tension straps prevent the bed from moving while you’re sleeping.

    The outer lining of the bed is made of 100% polyester, which is very water-resistant. Its filling is also made of 100% polyurethane, which is very resistant to water, oils, and grease, making it ideal for fishing. The bed’s dimensions are 212cm long and 98cm wide, with the adjustable legs allowing it to reach a maximum height of 40cm.

    Being the best bedchair on the market, the system features a built-in camouflage sleeping bag that can be easily removed and stored for any season. This bag features a full perimeter zip attachment and 10mm crash-proof zipper. The bottom portion of the bag is made of polyester, which allows for easy movement inside. The top half of the bag is made of a combination of polyester and fleece, which provides a warm and comfortable feeling while keeping you warm. Its internal thermal baffle helps keep cold air out and warm air in.

    The combined weight of the bed and the sleeping bag is about 16 kg. It can be used to fold the chair up and carry it to the bank.

    All this together is why this is the best bedchair on the market today.


    • Inspired by the hugely popular R2 Camo Bedchair
    • Features built-in, removable camo 4-season sleeping bag
    • Dimensions: 212cm x 98cm
    • Minimum height 30cm, maximum height 40cm
    • Total combined weight (bed &bag): 16.1kg
    • Bed Features
    • The bed has a flat profile for maximum comfort
    • Cam-free design for maximum usable

    2. Trakker Levelite Oval Wide Bedchair System

    Trakker was established in the 1990s to provide high-quality fishing tackle and equipment. The company’s products are known for their impeccable quality. It is focused on providing the best possible customer service and has a variety of clothing and bivvies.

    The second best bedchair is the Trakker Levelite, The Trakker Levelite oval bed system features a superior design that allows users to use more space inside shelters. It also retains the comfort and features of the company’s existing Levelite beds. The system includes a sleeping bag and a bedchair.

    Unlike the traditional rectangular bed system, the Levelite V2 features an oval shape, which allows it to be pushed further into the back of the bivvy. This allows users to use more room inside their shelters. It can also be used to arrange various items such as food bags, bivvy tables, and carryalls.

    The oval shape of the bed also contributes to the thermal properties of the sleeping bag, which helps keep the feet warm and prevents them from getting too hot. The three-season sleeping bag features a variety of features such as foot and head hoods and crash zips. It also comes with a variety of side attachments for a perfect fit.

    The Levelite bed system features a flat profile for a perfect night’s sleep, and it can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences. Its adjustable bed chair also allows users to customize the support provided by the mattress.

    The bed system’s patented leg mechanism can be used to make additional adjustments. It can be done by simply dropping the legs into position and pushing the button. The legs’ rotating mud feet can be molded to the users’ preferred position, which helps minimize the bed’s wobble.

    It is very quick to use, as it can be unfolded and unclipped. Its double-hinged construction also allows it to pack down without any parts sticking out.

    If this bedchair has a 4-legs system, it would be pretty close to being the best bedchair.


    • Revolutionary oval shape for optimum use of space
    • Save more space inside a fishing shelter compared to a traditional bed
    • Standard-Wide hybrid size (wide width/standard at head and toe)
    • 3-season, roomy box section sleeping bag with crash zips, internal and external baffles and pillow retainer
    • The bag can easily be removed for cleaning
    • Totally flat profile for a perfect night’s sleep
    • Adjustable lumbar support for a firmer mattress
    • Double-hinged technology for compact pack-down with no parts sticking out
    • Super-quick to use; simply unclip and unfold
    • Unique patented leg mechanism – push the button and it drops to position
    • Rotating mud feet
    • Can be transformed into a five-season bag
    • With the addition of Aquatexx Oval cover
    • Material: Aluminium/steel frame
    • Weight (without bag) 12kg
    • Weight (with bag) 15.4kg
    • Dimensions: L 210cm x W 90cm (open); L 71cm x W 90cm (closed)
    • Bed height: 33cm
    • Bed height extended: 42cm

    3. Fox Flatliner 6 Leg Bedchair

    The new and improved Fox Flatliner 6 Leg bedchair features a completely flat frame and is designed to provide you with the most comfortable experience. Its dual-hinge construction ensures that the mattress will support and conform to your body while providing you with the necessary support. Its full-lumi-support system helps keep the feet, head, and middle sections of the bed as well as the entire body firm.

    The Fox Flatliner 6 Leg bedchair features a new one-touch Spring Loc mechanism that is designed to provide you with the most comfortable experience. It’s 50mm deep mattress is constructed from high-density foam and hollow fill, which allows for a soft and firm feel. Its outer perimeter also uses foam to reduce the compression on the bed frame. Six legs are featured in the central section, and single legs are located at the center of the frame.

    The dual-hinge construction of the Fox Flatliner 6 Leg bedchair allows it to be packed away with the sleeping bag still attached. Its side tension straps are designed to allow it to be folded more compactly than its traditional single central strap. The underside of the mattress features a pair of Velcro strips that can be used with the Fox sleeping bag covers.

    The connection between the mattress and the sleeping bag is made through a zipper located on the underside. This feature can be used with other models of Fox sleeping bags. The mattress’ width is 84cm, its length is 215cm, and its height is 52cm. Its outer is made of 100% polyester and polyurethane, and its weight is approximately 14.75kg.


    • Completely flat frame for maximum comfort
    • Full Lumbar support
    • The head, middle, and foot benefit from Fold Over Lumbar support design
    • aiding the consistent firmness of the whole mattress
    • New one-touch Spring Loc leg mechanism (patent pending)
    • 50mm deep mattress
    • Constructed from high-density foam and hollow fill
    • Allowing for a soft touch but firm construction
    • The mattress’s outer perimeter uses a firmer foam
    • Features 6 legs 2x double legs on the central section
    • Single legs in the centre of the frame at the foot and head sections

    4. Solar Tackle SP C-Tech Fishing Sleep System


    This is the best bedchair for those with a bad back. The Solar tackle SP C-Tech Fishing Bed Sleep System is a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable and comfortable bedchair for their next fishing trip. This bedchair features a spring-loc leg adjustment for added support, and it’s made from high-tensile aluminum.

    The dual pivot hinge allows the bedchair to easily collapse when not in use. It also features a 5-season sleeping bag that’s designed to keep you warm and dry. Its crash-proof design ensures that it will endure even the most challenging fishing trips. Finally, there’s a waterproof cover that can keep you dry and comfortable all day long.


    • Unique Spring-Loc leg adjustment
    • The unique, ultra-lumber-support mattress system
    • True, flat sleeping position without sagging
    • A lightweight frame made from high-tensile aluminium
    • Twin pivot hinge
    • Collapse the bedchair with the sleeping bag
    • Fold-flat even with the sleeping bag attached
    • Five-season sleeping bag with crash zips
    • Waterproof bedchair cover with sleeping bag attachment points

    5. Nash MF60 Indulgence 5 Season SS4 MKII Sleep System

    The latest version of Nash’s bedchair sleep system features double legs for added support. The MF60 Wide is ideal for those who require additional stability while sitting at the bankside. Its advanced design and comfortable features make it the most popular sleep system in its category.

    The Nash MF60 Indulgence SS4 MKII Wide features a microfleece-covered mattress that provides you with the ideal amount of support and insulation. This wide-carved chair also comes with a raised pillow section and extended lumbar support. Its design features the company’s logo on its surface.

    The MF60 Wide is a great choice for people who are looking for an exceptional experience when it comes to their bedding. This product features a two-layer design that’s made from a combination of nylon and a zip-on material. This allows you to keep your bedding warm even if there isn’t much sunlight.

    The dual compression straps of the Nash MF60 Indulgence SS4 MKII Wide bedchair can be utilized for flat transportation. Its spring-loaded leg assembly can also be adjusted using one touch. This chair also comes with two camouflage mesh valuables pockets on the sides.


    • Micro fleece-covered MF60 memory foam mattress for optimum insulation and support
    • Extended, adjustable lumbar support
    • New three and four-legged frames on SS3 and SS4 for additional support
    • Raised pillow section and embossed Indulgence logo
    • Zip on/off twin layer duvet. Single-layer 3-season duvet for airy summer comfort and a second zip-on layer adding up to 5 seasons and beyond for guaranteed warmth
    • Smooth nylon underside to duvets for snag-free movement when sleeping
    • Inner body baffles for improved heat retention
    • Heavy-duty crash zips with anti-snag baffles

    6. Avid Carp Benchmark Leveltech X System

    This is the best chair for a heavy person. The name Benchmark is synonymous with the finest and most luxurious bedchairs on the market. The memory foam mattress featured in all of their products is the ideal bankside comfort.

    The latest LevelTech design features durable and resilient construction that will give you the best possible sleep. It’s designed to provide you with the best possible support and stability.

    The comfort level of a Benchmark bedchair can be the difference between a relaxing and challenging session. No compromises have been made when it comes to the quality of the components used in its construction.

    The LevelTech range features a unique leg system that’s patent-pending. This system features a stepped track that’s designed to provide you with the best possible support and stability. The inner leg’s cam system utilizes a double-ended lever that slides into the track when engaged.

    The Cam doesn’t have any moving parts. Instead of relying on a spring system to engage the teeth, the LevelTech system utilizes opposing magnets to force the teeth into the track, which makes it a more robust and long-lasting system.

    The LevelTech range also features two throw hinges that are designed to allow you to level your bed easily. This feature makes it easier to maintain a level of comfort while sleeping.

    The various models in the range feature a support system that’s designed to provide you with the best possible support and stability. It’s combined with the 50mm memory foam mattress for an unmatched level of comfort.

    The LevelTech S and L models feature 5-season-rated double layers. The outer layer is made of water-resistant and has an external draft baffle to keep cold air out.

    The inner layer of the LevelTech bed is also reversible, and it features smooth peach skin and a layer of warm and fuzzy fabric on one side. It can be removed easily by opening the zipper at the foot end.

    The inner layer of the LevelTech bed is also equipped with an internal draft baffle to keep cold air out. This feature is designed to help prevent the air from getting through the zipper. The other systems in the range have a larger void in the foot section, which allows for more movement and comfort.


    • LevelTech leg system (patent pending)
    • The one-touch leg mechanism makes for easy work of levelling your bed
    • Stepped inner leg eliminates slippage
    • 2x spirit levels built in to throw hinges
    • Lumbar support system
    • 50mm fleece-lined memory foam mattress
    • A reinforced Frame support for unrivalled strength and longevity
    • Pivoting Mud feet for solid positioning
    • X Model features 4 legs for increased support and strength
    • Reinforced material in areas around hinge points to eliminate wear
    • 5 season rating

    7. Fox Duralite 3-Season Sleep System

    The new season of Fox’s sleep system, the Fox Duralite 3, is here. It features the company’s most lightweight yet still functional bedchair.

    The new season of the Fox Duralite 3 features a fold-over lumbar support system, which is similar to the system found on the company’s Flatliner bedchairs. Its One-Touch Spring-Lok mechanism distributes the weight evenly over the entire length of the bed chair, giving you a comfy night’s sleep.

    The polyester base and 3D mesh upper mattress of the Fox Duralite 3 help reduce the overall weight of the chair, while also providing a more comfortable and air-flowy experience. Its high-density foam mattress is filled with hollow fill, which adds a soft touch and provides a firm feel.

    The outer perimeter of Fox’s exclusive camouflage fabric is also designed to provide a more comfortable and supportive feel. This feature uses a firm foam to reduce the compression of the bed frame.

    The legs of the Fox Duralite 3 are spaced at intervals to help improve the support and balance of the bed chair.

    The underside of the Fox Duralite 3 is also equipped with a central Velcro strip to secure the sleep system in place. This component is compatible with all of the company’s sleep systems.

    The underside of the Fox Duralite 3 features a connection zip that allows you to swap out sleeping bags for different seasons. There are also two side tension straps that attach to the connection.

    With the Fox Duralite 3’s sleep system still attached, you can easily fold and transport the chair. This feature allows you to store the bed chair in the van or at home.

    The dimensions of the Fox Duralite 3’s sleep system are L 202cm x W 78cm, and it can be lowered or raised by 33cm to 43cm. Its bed weighs in at just 8.6kg.


    • Fox’s lightest-ever bed!
    • Duralite magnesium alloy construction
    • makes bed ultra-lightweight yet very strong
    • Benefits from the same fold-over lumbar support
    • As the Flatliner 6 and 8-leg bedchairs
    • One-touch Spring-Lok leg mechanisms (patent pending)
    • 3D mesh upper mattress and polyester base
    • To reduce weight and aid airflow
    • Mattress benefits from high-density foam
    • Topped with hollow-fill
    • Which gives you a firm mattress with a soft touch
    • The outer perimeter of mattress is styled in unique Fox Camo

    8. Nash Tackle Sleep System

    This is the best bedchair for those on a budget. The Nash Sleep System is a great value and a blockbuster when it comes to providing comfort and value. It features our extensive experience in the production of bed systems.

    The Nash Sleep System is made from a tough 3-leg steel frame and features a lever lock one-touch adjustment and a large hinge mechanism. The best bedchairs normally have 4-legs, but this does just as good a job. Its warm and practical feel is thanks to a micro-fleece-covered mattress and a hollow four-season duvet.

    The Nash Sleep System’s classic styling is highlighted by its embroidered logo and peach skin. Its fish pattern skirt and micro-fleece lining also add a touch of warmth.

    It features a variety of features such as elastic loops for attaching a pillow and a box end foot design for added comfort.

    Nash Sleep System Wide: 198cm (l) x 97cm (w) x 32cm (h). Leg adjustment: 32-39cm. Weight: 12.2kg


    • A blockbuster for comfort and value
    • Constructed around a tough 3 leg steel frame
    • Enlarged hinge mechanisms
    • Lever lock one-touch leg adjustment
    • Warm as it is practical thanks to a micro fleece-covered mattress
    • Hollow fibre filled four season duvet and twin crash zips
    • Classic Nash styling is everywhere
    • Embossed Nash mattress logo to the peach skin
    • Nash fish pattern skirt and microfleece lining
    • Finished with elastic loops for attaching optional pillow
    • Velcro zip tabs, a box-ended foot design for comfort
    • Twin compression straps ensure a flat load base on barrows

    What is the Best Bedchair for a Bad Back Whilst Fishing?

    The Solar tackle SP C-Tech Fishing Bed Sleep System is the best bedchair for those who have a bad back.

    Having a good night’s sleep is very important for all types of people, especially when it comes to fishing. For me, this has been a major concern due to my back injury. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I should sleep when I’m out fishing.

    Due to the number of bedchairs on the market, it can be hard to choose the one that is right for you.

    What is the Best Bedchair for a Heavy Person Whilst Fishing?

    The Avid Carp Benchmark Leveltech X System is the best bedchair for a heavy person.

    Back when the days of beach sun loungers and Lilo beds were still fresh in our minds, many avid carp fishermen would often look for a better night’s sleep on the bank.

    With the rise of modern bedchairs, it’s now easier than ever to get a good night’s sleep. There are some differences between these types of chairs and others.

    What is the Best Bedchair on a Budget?

    The Nash Tackle Sleep System is the best bedchair for those on a tight budget.

    It offers a lot of the features of the best bedchairs but is about half the price.

    What is the Difference Between a Bedchair and a Sleep System?

    A bedchair is a type of foldable chair that can be rolled up into a bed. Instead of using a sleeping bag on the floor, many anglers use bedchairs to ensure a warm and comfortable rest while they’re fishing.

    These usually feature 6 legs and are designed to support both the middle and the end of your body. Some models also feature padded mattresses that provide additional support.

    Crash zips ensure you can get out of the sleeping bag quickly.

    A sleep system is usually included with a bedchair, and it can provide you with the necessary equipment to get the best night’s sleep. This includes a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a padded section.

    The Different Features of a Bedchair and Sleep System

    Bedchair Frame

    Most of the best bedchairs have an aluminum frame, which is incredibly lightweight and durable. This type of material allows them to be transported easily, while also being able to support a lot of weight.

    Other bed chairs feature steel frames which will hold heavier people with ease but are heavier to carry. A good feature to have is full lumbar support.

    Hinge Points

    Modern bedchairs feature dual-hinge points, which allow them to be expanded when folded. This feature can also be used to support a sleeping bag or an angling pillow.

    Bedchair Legs

    The legs of a bedchair are very important for their durability. Most models feature six legs, one at the head section, two at the thighs, and one at the torso.

    Some models also have eight legs, which are ideal for people who like to target areas with questionable terrain.

    Also, make sure that the bedchair features height adjustable legs. Having a bedchair with odd-angle legs can be very uncomfortable.

    Swivel Feet

    One of the most important factors that a bedchair should consider when it comes to its stability is the type of foot known as a mud foot. This type of foot can be pivoted and angle to provide a flat base.

    Bedchair Mattress

    The mattress is where the best bedchairs stand out from the rest. When it comes to choosing a bedchair mattress, the type of material that it uses can also vary depending on its needs. For instance, if you’re a person who enjoys spending a lot of time sitting on your bedchair, then a traditional foam mattress might be more than adequate. On the other hand, if you’re planning on traveling to the continent, then a memory foam mattress might be more appropriate.

    Bedchair Material

    We carry a wide range of bedchair mattresses that feature a soft-touch or peach skin finish. If you’re a person who enjoys fishing year-round, then a bedchair mattress with a soft-touch finish might be ideal.

    Welly/ Boot Sections

    These are commonly made from a wipe-clean material and are ideal for people who like to fish but don’t want to risk getting tripped up by their bite alarm.


    Most of the bedchairs that are online are usually made from a standard width. These are typically more wide than enough for most people who like to fish.

    We also have wide boy bedchairs, which are ideal for people who are more robust and want to be more comfortable while fishing.

    Flat-lying or Reclining

    One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing a bedchair is the type of support that it provides.

    Most of the time, a flat-lying bedchair will provide you with the best night’s sleep as it can be folded flat. Some models also feature a soft-touch finish that allows you to prop up the head section.

    Here are our picks for the best sleep systems and bedchairs for the carp. They will guarantee to give you the best possible night’s sleep. If you need any advice or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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