1) Hooklink Material – Korda’s N-Trap Soft Coated Braid.

Korda Soft N-Trap Coated Hooklink 20lb

Hooklink material is much better to use then fishing line for the Hooklink, I have Korda’s Soft N-Trap Coated Hooklink 20lb, it can be straightened out with heat, or stripped for movement. I generally take off two inches from the hook and leave the rest with the coating on to push then rig away from the lead. Seems to do the trick! This hooklink has never broken on me, unlike other hooklink materials.

2) Sharp Hooks
Absolutely imperative! Don’t ever risk using a blunt hook. If you have used it a few times or it doesn’t pass the fingernail test, bin it and get another. They are too cheap and too important to ignore. I use Korda hooks, they are the sharpest I have ever used. I did the fingernail test with them and it sent a shudder down my spine! Well worth the money.

3) Korda Knot Pulla
If you can afford it, get two of these. Many of times have I nearly pulled my teeth out trying to tighten knots. Not only that, having a hook that close to your face under tension is not a good idea, one slip and you will end up with a serious injury. The Rig Pulla by Korda makes the job a lot easier and a lot safer.

4) Korda Razorblades
The Razorblades are another item from Korda, I don’t agree with their marketing tactics, but some of their products are great. These cut through braid really really easily. Usual scissors will just fray the braid and you won’t be able to thread it through the eye of the hook, which is just a waste of Hooklink material. I have had my Razorblades for four years and they are still as sharp as when I first bought them.

Korda Razorblades

Korda Razorblades

5) Tungsten Rig Putty
Rig putty will make all of the difference when making sure your rig is pinned to the lake bed. The last thing you want is for your rig to land funny and be sitting up when the fish comes across it. Rig putty is relatively expensive for what it is but priceless for what you can achieve with it. You only need a small bit per rig and it’s reusable, so it will last quite a while.

6) Hair Boilie Stops
These are a must to ensure your bait stays on when being cast out. Some people use grass or a bit of twig, but if the bait comes off on the cast, you will be sitting with no bait on your hook, which could be a good few hours if you are patient. They are dirt cheap, so stock up when you can.

7) Extender Boilie Stops
Extenderstops are another priceless item. There will be times when you want to use a double bait, but you tied the hair too short. Instead of having to tie a whole new rig, if your hook is still sharp, you can just use and Extenderstop. Saving you time and money. Great idea!

8) Fishing Hook Remover
You absolutely must be able to get the hook out of the fishes mouth, after all, you put it in there. If you get a greedy fish, they will suck the bait deep into their mouth and you will not be able to get your fingers in to get the hook out. The hook remover costs pennies and should always be by your side, if not in your pocket, just in case.

9) Forceps
Forceps are the same as above, you may need to reach deep into the fishes mouth, forceps will let you do this. If you have to use barbed hooks, the hook remover won’t be strong enough, whereas a pair of forceps will give you more force to get the hook out. Again, cheap and a must have item. I’ll be surprised if a bailiff doesn’t actually check to make sure you have forceps just in case.

10) Windproof Lighter
This serves a few purposes, to singe tag ends of rigs, to straighten hooklinks, but also to light the kettle or stove. A wind prove lighter will give you more control over a normal lighter, so pick one up and put it in your tackle box for when you need it.



I have made a lot of mistakes during my fishing sessions and don’t want you to make the same mistakes. I’ve learned the hard way over 20 years of fishing most weekends, testing, tweaking, and testing again and now want to help you excel with your carp fishing.

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