The term floaters refer to the type of bait that can be used to catch carp from the surface normally on hot days. There are a variety of types of bait that can be used to take these big fish, but the one that is most commonly used is the Pedigree Chum Mixer.

The Best Bait for Surface Fishing

In my opinion, the best option when surface fishing for big carp is to use a combination of the baits below. A brown pop-up or imitation bait on the hook, cut down to resemble a dog biscuit, combined with chum mixers as loose feed to get the fish competing for the bait.

1. Chum Mixers

There is only one dog biscuit in my eyes that should be used for surface carp fishing. These are basically dog biscuits, and they are hard, brown, and salty bait. They will remain afloat for a long time, which makes them ideal for attracting big fish.

Although they can be used immediately from the bag, they will need to be drilled or glued to the hook. They can also be used with hair-rigged using a bait band or glued to the hook.

Pedigree Mixer Original 3Kg

2. Imitation Baits

Enterprise Tackle Zig Rig Surface Baits

These are excellent combination lures that can be used with a soft supple hook and a short-shank wide gape size 10/12 or side-hooked. They are ideal for surface fishing and zig rigs. The imitation bait is very soft and buoyant and resists the attention of most nuisance species.

An Enterprise Flavour Pot is a great way to boost the performance of imitation bait. It contains specially formulated liquid flavors that are ideal for penetrating imitation baits.

3. Pop-up boilies

Highly scented and well-floatable, pop-up boilies are good for surface fishing due to their scent. Although they are not as cheap as other options. Loose feeding them by the handful is not an ideal option. However, a carefully presented pop-up boilie can give you an edge over the other options when using other types of loose feed.

The Next Best Bait for Surface Fishing

Expander pellets

These little beauties are very effective as feed attractors, and they do not pose a problem on the hook. However, they are not ideal for floating hook baits due to their size. Just throw a few of these around a larger hook bait and it will immediately attract the attention of the fish.

Sonu Baits Oily Floaters

These are new additions to the market and are already made to ensure that they can be opened and used immediately from the tub. They can be used as either loose feed or hook bait. Many experienced anglers have used these products over the past year.


They can also be cut down using a sharp craft knife to resemble a similar type of bait known as a Chum Mixer. Using a pop-up will allow the bait to remain afloat longer and will save you from having to keep changing the hook bait.

Although we would not recommend hair-rig a whole Weetabix, some cereals can be used to attract big fish into your swim. These include rice crispies and cornflakes. Although they are not ideal for catapulting, they can be used as float bait by adding a handful to a PVA bag. This will allow you to fire the bait a long way allowing you to reach the feeding fish.


Although marshmallows are commonly used as floating hook baits, they are not ideal for loose feeding due to how expensive they are compared to other options available.

Cat Biscuits

These types of bait are very hard to break down and float well, making them ideal for attracting big fish. However, they do not make great hook baits due to their size. There are also larger floating baits that are better suited to catch the eye of a passing fish.

How to Catch Carp with Dog Biscuits

The best tip for surface fishing is to not introduce the hook bait until you have the fishing fighting over the loose feed. Once they are snatching the chum mixers from the surface, cast out the hook bait to catch the attention of the competing fish.

When the conditions are right, surface fishing can be very productive. Large numbers of large freshwater fish can be found roaming the surface of the water. It is surprising to see how many novice and experienced fishermen start fishing when the conditions are right.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to surface fishing for big freshwater fish is the type of fishing technique that you will use. If you see a lot of them swimming in the upper layers of water, then you should try casting for them directly from the surface.

Traditional pellets, sweetcorn, and boilies will not work well on surface fishing due to how quickly they will sink once they hit the water. Instead, dog biscuits are the preferred choice of many experienced and novice fishermen.

One of the easiest ways to catch large freshwater fish is by using dog biscuits. This method is also very simple to implement and can be done without the need for a complex rig.

Unfortunately, surface fishing for big freshwater fish is not as common as it used to be. Since the conditions are not ideal for the fish to swim and feed on the surface, it can be hard to get to the banks when the fish are in the water. Dog biscuits are a great alternative to bread as they float and leak thick and savory flavors into the water.

If you are able to catch a big freshwater fish swimming on the surface, then give floating dog biscuits a try. After a couple of these, throw in a few more to encourage the fish to feed on them. If they are still interested in eating the dog biscuits, then throw in a few more to make the fish feel comfortable on the bait.

This type of surface fishing can be done with a light rod and a small hook that is tied straight to the end of your line. It’s as simple as that.

The Best Weather for Surface Fishing

Usually, surface fishing on clear and sunny days can be very challenging due to the lack of wind. However, it can also be very productive when the weather is calm and sunny.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to surface fishing is the atmospheric pressure. High-pressure days are usually the best times to catch large freshwater fish.

The good thing about surface fishing during high-pressure periods is that the weather can be very nice. The combination of warm weather and clear skies can make for ideal surface fishing conditions.

How to Put Dog Biscuits on Hook

Most anglers will try to drill a dog biscuit to attach it to a hair rig, but they will often break up and cause a lot of headaches. One option is to use glue to attach it to the hook, such as super glue. But, the better option is to use bait bands. With a bait band, you’ll be able to quickly swap dog biscuits without the hassle of gluing your fingers together, or the awful smell from the glue.

Bait Bands for Dog Biscuits

Gardner Latex Bait Bands

If you are looking for a strong and reliable bait band, then look no further than the Gardner Tackle latex bait bands. These are the only tool that you need to create the perfect presentation for your bait. These flexible bands can be used to attach various types of floating and boilies to your D-Rig ring or hook.

These flexible bands can be used to attach various types of floating and boilies to your D-Rig ring or hook. There are three different sizes that you can choose from, and these allow you to attach different sizes of bait to your D-Rig. The smallest band is 3.2mm, and it can be used to attach up to 12mm of bait. The middle range is 4.8mm, and it can be used to attach up to 16mm of bait.

Over the years, Gardner has been able to produce some of the most innovative and top-quality fishing tackle. This is why the company’s latex bait bands are the perfect choice if you are looking for a strong and reliable alternative to traditional methods.

Over the years, the products that Gardner has been able to produce have been based on the innovations that the company has been able to develop.

Floating Dog Biscuit Rig

This is one of the most simple rigs that an angler will ever need to tie. A small hook such as a Korda Mix B is tied directly to the line with a bait band on the hook.


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