There is no better way to get quick bites than adding attraction with PVA bags to present with your hook bait. A small parcel of bait can be just enough temptation for a carp to suck in your hook bait along with the free offerings that you have presented to them. PVA bags can also be the perfect camouflage for your rig.

Scattering boilies during the Summer months is a great way to get the fish into your swim and picking up baits, hopefully, picking up your hook bait in the process and setting your bite alarm off.

But when fish feed less in the colder months, getting them to pick up boilies and forage around for bait is a lot more difficult as they will be moving less during the winter.


  • Carp very much prefer high oil pellets compared to low oil pellets, but you will find that low oil pellets will be a bit choice when the carp are more dormant. Although, you will need to add attraction to the bait to draw in the carp to start the feeding. Small swim stim pellets or the 2mm meaty marine pellets will add the attraction, but because they are small, they will bury themselves into the lake bed and keep the fish looking for the bait, but they will also keep the attraction around your hook bait. Soaking the pellets in a liquid attractant such as CSL will add even more attraction around your hook bait. Putting the pellets into a PVA mesh bag will leave a perfectly sized package of bait to draw in the fish. Pull the hook link through the PVA mesh will camouflage the hook and protect the hook from being blunted on the lake bed.


  • Sometimes carp can spook off of piles of bait, so using PVA tape or string to offer a handful of boilies may switch the carp on to your fish when the bags of pellet isn’t bringing the carp in. But just relying on the boilies alone sometimes isn’t enough. Soak your boilies in fish oils, or molasses which will slowly seep out and draw the fish down from the upper layers. There are also a lot of liquid attractants on the market that will spice up your shelf life boilies and rehydrate those that may have been sitting around for a while.
PVA bags

How to use PVA bags to add attraction to your hook bait.

  • Solid bags allow you to add liquid directly into the bag itself. Using heavier attractants such as Korda Goo power smoke will leave the liquid hanging around the bottom of the lake bed, then when the fish come in to feed, they will stir the attractant up and waft it around mixing in amongst the sediment, keeping the fish in the swim, and keeping them guessing. Solid bags are also great for using small particles such as hemp, and every angler knows that fish love hemp. Solid bags can be great for distance casting. If the solid bags are tightly packed they will fly through the air like missiles, as long as you have strong rods and a leader, that is.


  • Mesh bags are great for quick-fire baiting. Having PVA mesh bags set up ready to go will really speed up casting once you’ve had a fish, ensuring you don’t miss out on a bite when the fish start feeding. You can also use the PVA mesh bags to feed up a swim by catapulting them out. This will present lots of little parcels of bait around your swim, getting the fish confident on feeding on the little parcels, then they just so happen to feed on the one little parcel with your hook bait in it. To add attractant to them, dip them into a pot of CC Moore’s Liquid Robin Red before casting them into the lake.


  • PVA Tape and PVA nuggets are a life saver when it comes to keeping the hair on your rig tight to the hook bait so that it doesn’t get tangled on the cast. I believe PVA nuggets should be used on every cast where there is a possibility of your hook being blunted. It will also help keep your hook link straight when it settles on the lake bed.


  • Solid bags almost always present themselves well on most types of the lakebed. They are especially good on silt, where other presentations will bury themselves into the lakebed and just completely disappear, a solid bag, filled with a couple of PVA nuggets will slowly sink to the bottom and softly land, and then melt and open up to present your rig perfectly.


  • Stick mixes are what I use the most when it comes to fishing with PVA. The beauty of fishing with stick mixes is that you can present a bait and a stick mixes together adding a lot of attraction into your swim without a lot of food content. If you feed the fish up too much, they may not carry on feeding, effectively killing your swim. Whereas, if you are putting groundbait into your stick mix, you will draw the fish down to your hook bait without feeding them up too much. Again, you can make up lots of PVA mesh bags in advance or while you are waiting for a bite, you can sit there and tie them up. All you then have to do is either hook them on to your hook, or get your long baiting needle and pull the hook link through the PVA stick which keeps the hook from being damaged from the debris on the bottom of the lakebed. This really is what I do for most of my fishing as you will see from the photo at the top of this article.